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Aggressions have increased in several areas of southern Ukraine, with Russian forces shelling Ukrainian positions to defend their current lines.

Vladimir Putin’s men shelled areas along the border of Mykolaiv and Kherson regions, Kyiv officials said. They also tried to penetrate Ukrainian lines that according to the military had been repelled. 

The regional military administration said: “There was shelling of villages along the contact line in the Bereznehuvate community.”

Bereznehuvate, in Ukraine’s Mykolaiv region, has been shelled frequently by Russian troops for more than a month. 

The two coastal communities of Ochakiv and Kutsurub also came under fire, according to the administration.

Russian targets in recent days have included several towns and villages around the estuary of the Dnipro river.

The attacks have set off fires in several areas, burning fields of crops as they are ready for harvest.

The administration added: “Shelling in the Pervomaisk community on Wednesday set grain fields on fire and residential buildings were damaged, according to Ukrainian authorities.”

In the Kherson region, there were “fires in forests, fields and villages”.

A village on the Dnipro river in Mykolaiv was also bombarded, damaging several buildings.

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